Tricks Classes

Looking for something fun and new to do with your dog? Trying to find something that the two of you can do indoors during the summer heat? Tricks class might be right for you! All Dog Adventures has a comprehensive tricks training program. Whether you're in class to build body awareness and strength, improve focus, or just for fun, you'll have a blast learning new things with your dog!


If you didn't stop by Randolph Macon in Ashland to see the flyball tournament, you missed out!! What a great event!! drag racing for dogs!!!

Interested in having your dog be a therapy dog?

Do you want to take your dog to Reader Dog so children can read to her? Or visit VA Hospital or other assisted living places? We have the program for you! Get your CGC and TDI by taking our classes and get test right here. 

Classes are on going, just give us a call 355-7737.


Tricks are the greatest way to train your dog to pay attention and to have fun.

So, All Dog Adventures has beginner tricks and is a member of Do More With Your Dog, having 

All-Star Performance Dog Team. Cindy Briggs is the Team Captain. If you would liket to become part of our team, talk to Cindy.

Treadmill and Tricks fun at All Dog Adventures!!

Is your dog in one of  these videos!!   - treadmill

"It's Yer Choice" Video of Impulse Control

Susan Garrett teaches the "It's Yer Choice" game of impulse control. It can be expanded to any training including obedience skills and agility skills. What fun!!

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