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Flextime Manners Program

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We offer amazing classes for your Pet. Our Trainers are high quality professionals ready to take care and engage with your best friend.

Got a new pup or adult rescue dog? Start off right with our Manners Classes. Our classes are all about teaching and reinforcing positive behavior to grow the relationship between you and your dog.
With Flextime, you choose the classes each week that fit your schedule, and you move through the program at your own pace. We offer both evening and daytime classes, so there is something convenient for everyone.
You are not bound to any one day or time each week - you can simply show up to the classes you'd like to attend.

Agility Program

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Once you and your dog have graduated from the Flextime Manners Program, you have the foundational skills in place for pursuing All Dog Adventures' extensive Agility Program!
Call us at (804) 355-7737 to register for one of our 6 week sessions starting soon! Class size limited to 6 dogs.

Rally, Tricks, & More

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Once you and your dog have graduated from All Dog Adventures' Flextime Manners Program, you have the foundational skills for pursuing
Canine Good Citizen / Therapy Dog; Competition Obedience; Rally Obedience; Tricks; and more!
Call us at (804) 355-7737 to register for one of these 6 week classes starting soon!

About us

Our History

In 1996, All Dog Playskool opened in Richmond, VA in Huguenot Village in Richmond’s Southside as the first doggie daycare. Some of our first seminars were conducted by Gary Wilkes, Sue Sternberg, and Peter Wilkes from England to name a few.

In 1998, All Dog Playskool opened its second location on Thalbro Street in the Scott’s Addition / West End of Richmond. With the second location, All Dog Playskool added more group training classes with the first of many being the establishment of an unequivocal agility program. In addition, All Dog Playskool added boarding and self-serve dog wash.

With the expansion of All Dog Playskool’s training programs, the business relocated in 2009 to 4111 W. Clay Street, also in Scott’s Addition / West End, and expanded its name to All Dog Adventures to include the new philosophy of taking relationships to a higher level.

All Dog Adventures is the home of multiple Master Agility Champions (MACH’s), Agility Dog Champions (ADCH’s), and Trick Dog Champions (TDCH’s) as well as multiple titled dogs in Obedience and Rally Obedience in various venues, i.e. AKC, USDAA / WCRL, UKC, C-WAGS, etc. In addition, many of All Dog Adventures’ dogs have become Canine Good Citizens, Therapy Dogs, and actors in local commercials.

All Dog Adventures continues to grow by offering continued education seminars conducted by dog trainers considered to be at the top of their profession from all over the world and expanding class offerings to accommodate the evolution of dog sports and activities.

High Tech Training

We use some of the most effective techniques to train your best friend.

Amazing Support

Our Staff and trainers are kind, engaging, and informed.

Award Winners

Several of our Trainers are Master Agility Champions, Agility Dog Champions, and Trick Dog Champions

Our Philosophy

All Dog Adventures is devoted to educating our community and developing a relationship between our students and their canine partners, that will last a lifetime. Our mission is to help our students develop strong foundational dog training skills, at their own pace. We do this by ensuring our Instructors are actively teaching, training, competing and staying abreast of the most current dog training trends and methodology in the industry. Our training is designed to motivate, build confidence and have fun for both our students and canine partner, all while providing stellar support system for our students, that is customized to meet each individuals needs.

Meet our Team

Cindy Briggs
CEO & Owner

Cindy Briggs has been working with dogs for 40 years. Cindy has competed in a wide range of sports including agility, obedience, rally and tracking.

Melanie Parrish
General Manager /
Rally Instructor

is a lifetime dog lover, and has been owned by Doberman Pinschers She started formal dog training in 2006 and

Jennifer Thomas
Agility Instructor

Jennifer instructs agility classes at All Dog, is a CGC evaluator, and a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers.


Nancy Lech
Rally/Tricks Instructor/CGC Evaluator

Nancy has been attending many classes, seminars and Grooming Expos in Hershey, PA to continue learning from the best instructors to help others maintain and train their "best friends".

Dawn Glasco
Manners Instructor

Dawn has been actively involved in the dog world for over 15 years. She breeds Labrador Retrievers, Old Ridge Labradors, competes in rally, obedience, conformation,

Maggie Lamb
Tricks Instructor

Maggie is currently competing in obedience, agility, and rally. She teaches tricks classes at All Dog Adventures and is a Certified Trick Dog Instructor.


Kathy Smith
Senior Manners Instructor & Behavior Consultant

Kathy is dedicated to facilitating life long bonded relationships between people and their dogs, and helping dogs to be better understood by their humans.

Stacy Reeves
Agility Instructor

Stacy Reeves began training after getting a very intense Golden Retriever, Gracie OA AXJ, as a family pet.


Jo Downing
Therapy Dog, & Agility Instructor

Jo developed a love of animals at a young age, growing up with dogs, horses and a variety of farm animals.

Sara Woodyard
Obedience Instructor

Sara Woodyard has been a dog lover since childhood. Her current partner in the ring is Dore, a Norfolk Terrier, who has earned titles in Agility, Obedience, Rally, and Lure Coursing.

Meejin Pike
Beginner/Advanced Conformation Instructor

Meejin has been competing in dogs sports since 2008. She started in Conformation and has finished 2 AKC Champions owner handled and pointed many other

Paulette Courington

became a Certified Dog Trainer through Animal Behavior College. She has been working professionally with dogs for over 2 years. Paulette has spent time

Michelle Gamage
Tricks & Stunt Dog Instructor

Michelle started in the ADA apprentice program in August 2017 under mentors Kathy Smith and Dawn Glasco, became approved as a

James George

has been around horses and dogs his entire life, and has been competing in agility for 6 years. James and Lucy

Canine Caretakers

Cara Saravia
Patricia Weymouth
Michelle Weymouth
Cayce Hack

make up our wonderful team. Our daycare and boarding team are responsible for the excellent care and attention your best friends receive while they are here.

What Our Clients Say

Our Prices

Flextime Manners Classes

for 2 months + 1 free daycare day
for 3 months + 2 free daycare days

  • Each dog and handler advance at their own pace.
  • Choose the classes each week that fit your sched
  • We offer both evening and daytime classes.
  • You are not bound to any one day or time each week - you can simply show up to the classes you'd like to attend.
  • (1 free day of Daycare - a $32 value)

Advanced Training Classes


for set 6 week Agility Class

for set 6 week K9 Fitness / Conditioning

for set 6 week RallyFrEe(style)

Rally Obediance
Set 6 Week Course

Tricks/Stunt Dog Classes

CGC Therapy Dog

6 Week Conformation Class

6 Week Competition Obediance Class
  • Participation in our Agility Class and Advanced Classes requires completion of our Manners Class or some equivalent training.

Daycare & Boarding

for 1 day of daycare
for 12 visit daycare package
for 25 visit daycare package
for overnight boarding
  • Boarding Drop off & Pick up times are Monday-Thursday 7:00am - 7:00pm
    Friday 7:00am - 6:00pm
    Saturday 7:00am - 9:00am
    Sunday 5:00pm - 7:00pm

Private Lessons

for half hour Private Lesson
for one hour Private Lesson
  • For those that would prefer learning in a one-on-one environment.

NEXT Round of SIX Week Advanced Classes. Registration Opens: NOW - Registration Closes: Friday, October 18

Note that we have added several new daytime classes! Register Today before classes fill! (804) 355-7737

Monday, October 21st @ 10a.m. Beginner Rally Obedience
Monday, October 21st @ 11a.m. CGC/Therapy Dog Prep Class
Monday, October 21st @ 11a.m. Advanced Rally Obedience
Monday, October 21st @ 12p.m. Foundation for Agility
Monday, October 21st @ 12p.m. Puppy Fitness Conditioning
Monday, October 21st @ 1p.m. Intro to Agility Equipment
Monday, October 21st @ 1p.m. K9 Fitness/Conditioning
Monday, October 21st @ 2p.m. Agility Focus on Contact Obstacles
Monday, October 21st @ 2p.m. Senior Fitness/Conditioning
Monday, October 21st @ 6p.m. CGC/Therapy Dog Prep Class
Monday, October 21st @ 6p.m. Intro to Novice Obedience
Monday, October 21st @ 7p.m. Foundation for Agility
Monday, October 21st @ 7p.m. Novice Obedience
Monday, October 21st @ 8p.m. Rally FreeStyle
Tuesday, October 22nd @ 9a.m. Tricks
Tuesday, October 22nd @ 9a.m. K9 Fitness/Conditioning
Tuesday, October 22nd @ 10a.m. Intro to Fitness
Tuesday, October 22nd @ 10a.m. Intro to Novice Obedience
Tuesday, October 22nd @ 11a.m. Novice Obedience
Tuesday, October 22nd @ 12p.m. Open Obedience
Tuesday, October 22nd @ 6p.m. Open Obedience
Tuesday, October 22nd @ 7p.m. Intro to Agility Equipment
Tuesday, October 22nd @ 7p.m. Conformation
Tuesday, October 22nd @ 7p.m. Adv/Ex Rally
Wednesday, October 23rd @ 6p.m. Agility Focus on Contact Obstacles
Wednesday, October 23rd @ 6p.m. Agility Skills & Drills
Wednesday, October 23rd @ 7p.m. Beginner Rally
Wednesday, October 23rd @ 7p.m. Agility Weaves
Thursday, October 24th @ 8a.m. Puppy Fitness/Conditioning
Thursday, October 24th @ 6p.m. Agility Handling
Thursday, October 24th @ 6p.m. Stunt Dog
Thursday, October 24th @ 7p.m. Tricks
Thursday, October 24th @ 8p.m. K9 Fitness/Conditioning
Thursday, October 24th @ 8p.m. Agility Handling

This Month's Special Events!

Our Daycare Hours

Mon-Thur 7:00am - 7:00pm
Friday       7:00am - 6:00pm

Our Boarding Hours

Mon-Thur     7:00am - 7:00pm
Friday            7:00am - 6:00pm
Saturday       7:00am - 9:00am
Sunday         5:00pm - 7:00pm

Doggie Daycare

Daycare Registration Form

Our doggie daycare engages, teaches and socializes your pet. In our daycare program at All Dog Adventures, dogs rotate between playing with staff, socialization in small groups of five or fewer, and rest time. We customize programs to meet your dog’s personalities, size, and age.

By offering a structured environment where dogs play with fewer than five other dogs that are selected based on play styles and temperament, dogs get the socialization and exercise owners want, without the risk of your dog getting lumped into a group where he or she is injured and bullied. Each group is overseen by an attendant, and groups are not left unattended. Our goal is for your pet to go home tired but happy from play and mental stimulation.

We also emphasize socializing your dog with one-on-one human contact. For example, your dog will have the opportunity to play with interactive toys with the staff, learn tricks, practice skills, try out dog sports equipment, and more.

It is important to us that your dog not lose the skills they learned in training, or pick up and practice the behaviors owners worked so hard to cure them of. Our Doggie Daycare includes the reinforcement of positive habits, and consistency with our Manners Program. We encourage dogs with one-on-one training not to jump up on people or bark excessively while at daycare.

Prior to Boarding at All Dog Adventures, it is a pre-requisite for your dog to attend a day of Daycare. This helps your dog acclimate to being in our care and our routine. As well, it helps our staff assess your dog’s play style and needs. What better opportunity to use your free day of Daycare that is included with your Manners package?!

All Dog Adventures is now offering Dog Boarding at 39.00$ for an Overnight stay for all clients. All of your bestfriends will recieve the same excellent treatment that our daycare members already recieve. We are focused and dedicated to providing the outstanding service that we are known for. There is no nickle and diming just simple flat pricing. To learn more, please contact us at All Dog Adventures via phone (804) 355-7737 or e-mail info@alldogadventures.com. Or feel free to fill out our boarding application here! Boarding Application

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Contact for additional information:

info@alldogadventures.com or call us

1 (804) 355-7737

Location & Time

We are located at 4111 W. Clay Street, Richmond, VA 23230

Office / Daycare hours
7:00 a.m to 7:00 p.m Mon-Thurs
7:00 a.m to 6:00 p.m Fridays.

Boarding Hours: (Drop Off / Pick Up)
Sat 7:00 a.m. - 9:00 a.m.
Sun 5:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.