Rhea McCaffrey
has been involved in dog sports for 25 years. She has competed in
agility, obedience, rally, tracking, conformation, and has had certified therapy dogs.
Rhea teaches both agility and rally classes at All Dog Adventures. Her favorite part of
teaching is seeing the light bulb go on when the dog understands the behavior and the
resulting smile on the handlers face. Rhea’s household currently includes Doberman U-
Ch U-RO1 U-CD Carlos CD BN OA OAJ RL3 RL1X3 RLPX, NikiMouse RE RL2 CGC,
and Peach, house frau. Carlos was a part of the first annual Masters Agility
Championship at the Westminster Kennel Club. Rhea is also a judge for AKC Rally
Obedience and WCRL Rally Obedience.