Michelle Gamage
Michelle started in the ADA apprentice program in August 2017 under mentors Kathy Smith and Dawn Glasco, became approved as a substitute instructor in December 2017. With the introduction of the new competitive sport, Stunt Dog, Michelle began teaching Stunt Dog class in June 2018 and became the evening Tricks instructor. She became a Manners Instructor in February 2019. She is a Certified Trick Dog Instructor, CGC and AKC Tricks Evaluator, and Stunt Dog Judge. Michelle has been training dogs competitively since 2010. Dabbling in many dogs sports, she concentrates on Stunt Dog, Tricks, Rally and recently Rally-FrEe. Her competition dogs, Willa and Basil, are Stunt Dog, Tricks and Manners demo dogs. They have performed in front of audiences at local Richmond events. Willa, an All-American rescue, (DOB April 2016) is a Champion Trick Dog, Champion Stunt Dog, and has her CGC and numerous titles in Rally. She competed at the 1st ever Stunt Dog Nationals in 2018. Michelle and Willa enjoy recreational agility, barn hunt, nose work, and swimming. Basil, a Mini American Shepherd (DOB June 2018), is a Champion Trick Dog, has titles in Stunt Dog and Rally. He aspires to get his CGC and become a therapy dog. Michelle and Basil are growing their bond and training in obedience, rally, and other dog sports. Michelle, Willa, and Basil are trick-aholics and learn a new trick or old trick in a new way everyday. Every meal is earned by learning.