has been competing in dogs sports since 2008. She started in Conformation and has finished 2 AKC
Champions owner handled and pointed many other dogs of various breeds over the years. She is also very
active in UKC and has finished several dogs and had several Top Ten ranked dogs. She got involved with
her local kennel club shortly after starting Conformation and started her performance career with Rally
Obedience in late 2008 and eventually moved on to many other dog sports including Agility, Dock Diving,
Tricks, and Barn Hunt. Her first owner handled AKC Champion was a Doberman named Kyra. Kyra went on to
have a very successful performance career and accumulated 36 titles in various dog sports and venues.
She in currently owned by two female Dobermans, Arcee and Phoenix. Meejin currently teaches Beginner
and Advanced Conformation classes and attends several classes at All Dog Adventures.